Introducing the company

Infoscience Technologies Ltd provides practical digital transformation advice and algorithms to the upstream oil & gas sector.

The tech start-up was founded by Dr Paul Cleverley ( in Nov 2018.

Specialities include providing Text Analytics Algorithms to companies seeking to exploit geoscience knowledge from unstructured text.

Target industries range from geological surveys, petroleum exploration, economic mining through to geohealth and space exploration.

The company’s unique selling point is its deep geoscience domain knowledge, combined with computer science, data science, business analysis and international award winning research.

Some of the world’s largest multinationals use algorithms developed by Infoscience Technologies Ltd.


OpportunityFinder® – Patent Pending

Is a first of its kind. A transformative method that revolutionises ideation in Geoscience New Ventures Exploration and Innovation.

The algorithm detects potential Hydrocarbon Plays in unstructured text which are not explicitly stated; stimulating and assisting the Geoscientist to new lines of thought not necessarily previously considered. This may lead to ideas and new business opportunities that would not have occurred without the use of the algorithm.

The aim is to speed up literature reviews/studies, help identify missed pay, suggest known play analogues and propose non-obvious plays that may not have been thought of previously.

Using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) the algorithm uses a unique ‘DNA’ inspired approach (Patent Pending) to identify clues buried within vast amounts of text to ‘join the dots’. Resulting output can be used to power new or existing user interfaces or populate a KnowledgeGraph.

The algorithm makes use of ensemble machine learning models and over 10,000 clues for identifying potential evidence for source rock, maturation, migration, reservoir, trap, seal and hydrocarbon occurrence.

The Python code can seamlessly plug into a company’s existing NLP pipeline on premise or cloud, making it very easy to deploy. Alternatively, it can run independently on text documents stored on a file system and/or be easily adapted to run off document management systems like SharePoint.

Please contact us for more information.


For more information contact:


Unlocking the hidden codes in geoscience unstructured text


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