Introducing the company

Infoscience Technologies Ltd provides practical digital transformation advice and algorithms to the geoscience sector. The flagship algorithm is OpportunityFinder(R), surfacing business ideas and opportunities from text (papers, reports, presentations).

The tech start-up was founded by Dr Paul Cleverley ( in Nov 2018 based in Oxford (UK) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to unstructured text.

The company can also work as a remote R&D lab with existing in-house innovation teams, building proprietary algorithms and technologies.

Target sectors range from geological surveys, petroleum exploration, metals and mining through to hydrogeology, geohealth, renewables and space exploration.

The company’s unique selling point is its deep geoscience domain knowledge, combined with computer science, data science, business analysis and internationally recognised research.

For more information:


Unlocking the hidden codes in geoscience unstructured text


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