Introducing the company

Infoscience Technologies Ltd is a tech start-up providing Text Analytics Research & Development to companies seeking to extract, discover and exploit geoscience knowledge from text.

Target industries range from geological surveys, petroleum exploration, economic mining through to geohealth and space exploration.

The company’s unique selling point is its deep geoscience domain knowledge, combined with computer science, data science, business analysis and international award winning research.

The Company licenses two pieces of Intellectual Property (IP) Algorithms. These can plug into a company’s existing NLP/ML pipeline for semantic document processing, with the results displayed in web parts within the existing search user interface.

1. GEODE® Patent Pending. An algorithm that ranks sentences / topics by their tendencies to ‘surprise’ geoscientists. What surprises one Geoscientist may not surprise another of course, however some algorithms have a greater propensity to surface the surprising. This may trigger a learning event that otherwise may not have occurred. With 90% or more of people never clicking past page #2 of search results, the capability to surface the unexpected, insightful and valuable could be extremely useful. Facilitating serendipity.

2. GEOSAPIEN® Patent Pending. An algorithm that surfaces suggested geological analogues using unsupervised machine learning. Key to the method is Geoscience theory driven pre-processing routines applied to the text using Natural Language Processing (NLP) before input to a Neural Network. That could include word2vec, GLoVe, ELMo text embedding’s.

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Unlocking the hidden codes in geoscience unstructured text